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Forecast for
Ames, IA
  35.0° F 
  20.0° F 
  42.0° F 
  18.0° F 
  51.0° F 
  26.0° F 
  41.0° F 
  24.0° F 
  47.0° F 
  20.0° F 
Weather as observed from KAMW in AMES, IA at 12:00 PM, 12/14/2017
Local Radar
Current Conditions for Ames, IA
29.0° F
Humidity63.0 %
Heat Index29.0° F
Dew Point18.0° F
Wind Chill29.0° F
Wind DirNW
Wind Speed5.0 mph
Sunrise7:34 AM
Sunset4:43 PM
Pressure30.09 in.

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Reliability. In farming and ranching you can rely on family. Each member looks out for the others, and the family pulls together while working toward a common goal. National Farmers looks out for its producers just like family too. And, we share one of your primary goals—better prices for all of your farm commodities. Across the country, National Farmers combines commodities from farms like yours. Then our marketing professionals go to work for you—negotiating with major ag industry buyers to improve your bottom line.
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Nexus Cattle Calculator

Sponsored in part by USDA's Risk Management Agency.
Nexus Cattle Calculator <<< CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FOR iOS
*** The Nexus Cattle Calculator is the best way to get a handle on your operation’s profit picture.***

This Nexus Ag reverse breakeven calculator helps you put first things first and shows you what you can afford to spend on calves or feeders, based on prices you can get for your finished cattle. But there’s more! This app gives you an easy tool to figure your fed cattle cost of gain and traditional cost of production, top to bottom!

You need to include all the expense categories when nailing down the costs in your cattle enterprise. This Nexus Cattle Calculator app does.
* Feed Costs
* Vet Expenses
* Interest
* Yardage
If you want to make it in the cattle business, you’ve got to know where you stand. Knowing your cattle profit margin will help you make the best decisions. And keeping tabs on all this data will help your relationship with your ag lender, too.

Smart App
+++The Nexus Cattle Calculator remembers info from previous sessions so you don’t have to re-enter numbers for fields that haven’t changed. This app gives you the dollars and cents facts and helps get you where you want your cattle operation to go.

It’s the all-around profit tool, right on your mobile device.
* Compound Interest Calculator
* Weather Updates
* Ag Markets

The app comes from ag pros with decades of experience marketing American beef to major buyers, and who work with brokers on behalf of cattlemen. The Nexus focus is on helping beef producers glean all they can from the marketplace. And our clients say they’ve been able to expand facilities because of our marketing services, so you can be confident the Nexus Cattle Calculator will help you. Find info about our pros at nexusag.org.

Risk Management Education Video

If you are a cattle producer, this video is for you. The importance of price risk management can mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket this year. Watch and learn about the latest marketing tips and tools that will put more profitability into your operation. Sponsored in part by USDA's Risk Management Agency.

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