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Forecast for
Ames, IA
  75.0° F 
  57.0° F 
  75.0° F 
  61.0° F 
  78.0° F 
  56.0° F 
  76.0° F 
  53.0° F 
  79.0° F 
  55.0° F 
Weather as observed from KAMW in AMES, IA at 12:00 AM, 8/25/2019
Local Radar
Current Conditions for Ames, IA
Parly Cloudy
62.0° F
Humidity84.0 %
Heat Index62.0° F
Dew Point57.0° F
Wind Chill62.0° F
Wind DirSE
Wind Speed5.0 mph
Sunrise6:32 AM
Sunset8:00 PM
Pressure30.09 in.

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