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Price protection for the 21st Century ag producer opens the doors to cash flow, planning and profit. Futures, options and hedges all give farmers real price insurance.
National Farmers - Ag Risk Management

The More Than A Floor options program for milk manages risk in your dairy operation. More Than A Floor provides you with a floor price on milk, using put options, but may also capture a top-end price for you, using call options. And there’s no initial cost for the options purchases.

With each contract, you receive the floor price, but you may also earn more than that in a range from the floor price up to the established ceiling price. Then you add on your premiums.

More Than A Floor Distinctives
  1. Protects you with a known floor price
  2. Gives you a possible ceiling price
  3. Saves you cash with no initial cost of options
  4. Recommends participation at 50 percent of production
  5. Brings pricing choices farther into the future, to you now
  6. Contracts prices in three-month packs
  7. Uses options on Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  8. Communicates opportunities to you every marketing day
  9. Lets you tack on your premiums, too