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Price protection for the 21st Century ag producer opens the doors to cash flow, planning and profit. Futures, options and hedges all give farmers real price insurance.
National Farmers - Ag Risk Management

The new UltraFutures program is all about access for your dairy farm. Access to the latest risk management strategies for producers of all sizes.

We offer our UltraFutures contracts with a minimum of 20,000 lbs. of milk, unlike other companies that require much larger contract sizes. And the contract amount is adjusted in 5,000 lb. increments. We make it easy for you.

Plus, we give you all the information you need to plan ahead. It's all right there, in black and white.

You'll receive:

  • Information to understand futures and forward contracting strategies
  • Reviews of the benefits and risks of each strategy before they are used
  • Access to marketing professionals every business day
  • The security of price risk management for your operation

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