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You can budget nicely if you know what you're getting... UltraFutures brought us several hundred dollars of additional income a month, but a guy hates to brag.
—Joe Burg
MaximumMarketing  producer
National Farmers - Dairy
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Cull Cow Marketing Working for Young Dairymen Eliminate Downside on Milk Provide Extra Income, Impact Prices Market to Maximum Volume Marketing Advantage

With National Farmers MaximumMarketing, 21st Century milk producers capitalize on the whole gamut of ag risk management and marketing tools to achieve their goals. Whether you're producing for the conventional or the organic market, with MaximumMarketing we'll see that your milk pours more money into your pockets.

From negotiated milk prices, favorable contract terms and competitive quality premiums, to ag risk management tools like options and futures, our marketing and risk management advisers are here to help you realize all the profit potential today's dairy offers.