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He markets many thousands of bushels of grain through Marketing Plus, and is enrolled in the Producer Service Plan (PSP). He credits National Farmers with teaching a whole generation of producers basic keys to successful grain sales.
—Charles Skorupa
National Farmers - Grain

The National Farmers Grain Division has been marketing grain for farmers since the 1970s. In that time, our marketing professionals have studied markets, adjusted strategies for the global marketplace of 2000 and beyond, and consistently represented producers’ best interests with buyers.

At National Farmers we balance risk and reward, opening marketing doors most producers today are not aware of, or that you simply don’t have time to handle with all your work producing an excellent crop.

With our marketing and risk management programs, we take one ag responsibility off your shoulders, and impress your lender with a proven strategy.

We offer you access to:
      Disciplined grain sales strategies
      Negotiated sales and terms
      Forward contracts
      Marketing knowledge
      Volume discounts

Come to us. The professionals at National Farmers. Call 800.247.2110 or e-mail today.

National Farmers does not endorse a position, for or against, a mass legal action regarding Syngenta seed corn. Individual farmers affected should form their own position on the matter.