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He markets many thousands of bushels of grain through Marketing Plus, and is enrolled in the Producer Service Plan (PSP). He credits National Farmers with teaching a whole generation of producers basic keys to successful grain sales.
—Charles Skorupa
National Farmers - Grain

As a corn, soybean or wheat producer, you know multiplying profits means a lot of different situations must work together for you. You can't overestimate the critical role of marketing.

Grain Marketing Plus provides a systematic approach to marketing, spreading crop sales across the months proven over time to be the most favorable when it comes to prices.

Now that you know that, why don’t you capitalize on Grain Marketing Plus professionals? Their service and expertise will give you all you need for crop sales, including forward contracting, futures, and hedging.

Time your marketing for higher prices, capitalize on negotiated sales, and reap the money brought by the market power of pooled production. Come to us. The professionals at Grain Marketing Plus. We're on your side. Call 800.247.2110 or e-mail today.