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He markets many thousands of bushels of grain through Marketing Plus, and is enrolled in the Producer Service Plan (PSP). He credits National Farmers with teaching a whole generation of producers basic keys to successful grain sales.
—Charles Skorupa
National Farmers - Grain

Market more. Make more. That's how PSP works. The more you market through Grain Marketing Plus, the lower your marketing fees per bushel. That means more net income.

And extra benefits from our Producer Service Plan. Today's agriculture makes grain operations multi-faceted businesses, so you need extensive knowledge in a range of areas.

The Producer Service Plan can lift some of that responsibility from your shoulders with a personal marketing adviser who watches the boards and markets all day. And you receive special benefits and considerations.

Call our grain marketing professionals today to learn what we can offer your grain enterprise at 800.247.2110. Or e-mail for more information at .