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He markets many thousands of bushels of grain through Marketing Plus, and is enrolled in the Producer Service Plan (PSP). He credits National Farmers with teaching a whole generation of producers basic keys to successful grain sales.
—Charles Skorupa
National Farmers - Grain

So just what is it about risk that you don't like? Everything. Not knowing just where prices for your corn, soybeans or wheat are going from one day or month to another makes planning for the future a challenge.

But with futures options, National Farmers risk management strategies offer you a way to greater profit opportunities. And fewer sleepless nights. That's RiskReducer.

Purchasing call options for you, we protect the price of bushels already sold, and the LDP prior to harvest. We offer downside protection, too. With put options, the price for your new-crop grain, and for unsold inventory you've collected the LDP from, are locked in tight. Like Fort Knox. That's the best bet you'll ever get in agriculture.

Get in touch with the professionals at National Farmers today. Call 800.247.2110, or email . Isn't it time you had this kind of security?