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The easy decision was choosing to use National Farmers risk management programs. For four years now, Schultz has been taking advantage of options, forward contracts and other marketing tools to sell his feeder cattle.
—Brian Schultz
MaximumMarketing  producer
National Farmers - Livestock

With MaximumMarketing by National Farmers, livestock producers today earn the rewards of choices. Production choices. Marketing choices. Risk management choices.

All these marketing and risk management options work together to make your livestock business succeed. You're in charge of production, and MaximumMarketing brings you the expertise to excel in marketing and risk management.

Whether you raise cattle or hogs, traditional or organic, we offer solid marketing and risk management programs for your operation. You'll have many contract choices. And many ways to protect your operation from negative market moves - and capitalize on the up side. It's all in the name of looking out for your bottom line. Call 800.247.2110 to make the best choice.